Looking for a $25 gift?

santa warrior
Starting today, you will find a special package in the online store! Each “One for You, One for Me” package includes a one hour massage for you* and one to give away** for only $25 more! If you need the longer massages, the “One for Me, One for You” package offers a 90 minute massage gift certificate for a friend** for only $40 more! Make sure that you look under the “packages” tab in the store, as the sale will not come up if you purchase a massage as you usually do and check the total before you check out!

Two massages for $100! Two 90 minute massages for $150!

Buy as many as you would like! As always, your massage purchase will not expire! You can print out and email certificates from the website.

Prefer to buy in person? Come to yoga on Wednesday the 16th or Sunday the 27th!

*or someone in your household, or on a shared account with you (like your spouse)
**cannot be used by you, your spouse or anyone in your household or on your account