Today through February 21st, you will find a special package in the online store! Each “One for You, One for Me” package includes a one hour massage for you* and one to give away** for only $25 more! If you need the longer massages, the “One for Me, One for You” package offers a 90 minute massage gift certificate for a friend** for only $40 more! Follow the links to the online store and make sure that you purchase the “packages” as the sale will not come up if you purchase a massage as you usually do (and check the total before you check out)!


2 massages for $100!
2 longer massages for $150!

Buy as many as you would like! As always, your massage purchase will not expire! You can print out and email certificates from the website.

*or someone in your household, or on a shared account with you (like your spouse)
**cannot be used by you, your spouse or anyone in your household or on your account