Joga Somatic Arts is a collaborative effort between experienced and knowledgeable professionals to help improve quality of life for anyone regardless of age, gender, ability or size. We are growing to offer an ever wider array of services to help you feel and function your very best. All of our professionals share knowledge and insight with each other to give you a more targeted (and less frustrating or redundant) approach to your care. As a Joga Somatic Arts client, you have the benefit of a community of knowledge and experience at your fingertips, offered by professionals who will make sure you are getting appropriate care by the professional who can help you the best, without sending all around town, having to repeat your story or try to remember what the last professional recommended for you. We promise that we will listen to you, care for you with compassion, and help you know yourself better, so you can take care of yourself better, so you can feel your very best.

SOMATIC defines that which relates to or affects the whole body, especially as distinguished from the environment, mental, spiritual, or emotional aspects. It covers all of the different therapies that Jo practices and hopes to add in the future. It also is the best place for connection, awareness and change to begin. ARTS are skills that are attained by study, practice and observation, sometimes arising from intuition. They can also describe human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract a current state. These things together are everything that Joga Somatic Arts is doing every day, trying to help you figure out this body of yours and how to make it function better.

  Joga Somatic Arts, LLC, Health and Wellness, Dayton, OH