We want to know who you would like to become this year! By this time next year, will you be a writer? A volunteer? A parent? A healthier or happier human? If you would like our support to become an expert in your own care, we do that! We have so many options, with all different personalities and styles of professionals to help you manage your nutrition, pain, movement and general health. Check out our new page full of coaching, support, education and problem solving options for you!

Consider joining us for our Healthy Habits Club, starting now! Deadline to sign up is January 13th! It is a great, affordable option for improving lifestyle habits and general health. This 12 week program offers support and inspiration to create and maintain wellness habits. Membership includes weekly emails from your certified coach, access to the Healthy Habits Club Facebook group, pdf files of tracking logs and access to the support and inspiration of other members and your coach as needed. The program is designed to build a well rounded foundation of movement, nutrition, social/emotional and mental habits that are accessible to most, with room for personal goals. It is not medical advice, diet program or an unrealistic fitness challenge. Our only goals are improvements to your quality of life and health with sustainable habits. The Healthy Habits Club runs only 4 times each year! This 3 month club is broken down into automatic payments of only $25 a month to keep it accessible to many and sustainable if you find it effective. Click here to purchase your membership now.