Chiropractic Adjustments address misalignments in your frame that keep your body from functioning properly and make your muscles tight and sore. Instead of comparing your body to pictures or diagrams in its appearance, adjustments are tailored to addressing its feel and function, honoring each individual’s unique body. Using gentle, specific and sometimes subtle adjustments to achieve profound results, chiropractic services are appropriate for almost anyone.
First Chiropractic Session    $80
Chiropractic Adjustment     $45

Massage Therapy Sessions are customized to your needs, combining techniques that may include deep tissue, trigger point, joint mobilization, lymph drainage, myofascial release and prenatal massage. Hot stone, pure relaxation and aromatherapy massages are not currently offered.
60 minute massage    $75
90 minute massage    $110
For regular clients, 15 minute follow up appointments are available to address a specific injury, like a pulled muscle.
follow up appointment  $20

Personal Yoga Sessions are for anyone who wants to improve their balance, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health and sense of peace. Work is concentrated on alignment, education and breath and is appropriate for beginner, experienced, injured, athletic or any bodies.
45 minute session            $40

Personal Training Sessions use knowledge of functional anatomy, myofascial slings, and motor learning principles, to develop comprehensive, individualized workout programs. These programs provide instruction on efficient movement, posture correction, injury prevention, balance and stability, strength and an overall boost in quality of life. These sessions include assisted stretching modalities based on human biomechanics, myofascial release techniques and an easy approach to nutritional balance through whole, nutrient dense foods.
45 minute session             $40


See reviews on Google, Yelp, Spafinder, Angie’s List and others including:

It makes a world of difference to get massages regularly from someone who knows what they are doing and really…YOUR body. She is extremely knowledgeable of the human body, and knows how to give a massage that is most beneficial to each person. She does this by taking time to talk with you before the appointment to see if there are areas you are having trouble with currently. She always seems to know how to help you work on those, and she lets you know how that area is affecting the rest of your body. Can’t recommend her enough.”

“Every yoga class is tailored to the needs of those attending the class, so each class is a different mix. I believe classes of this nature benefit students more than a standard, every time the same class. Jo is a truly talented teacher to provide this type of yoga experience. I can honestly say, with every fiber of my being, that massages from Jo have changed my life. I’ve had massages from other therapists in the area, but not one of them compare to Jo. Her approach is more therapeutic than relaxing, yet I have always left a massage relaxed and revitalized.”

“Jo is the best.  She is patient but appropriately pushes you to exceed your expectations of yourself.  She is very knowledgeable and uses a no nonsense approach.  I have made so much progress physically because of her teachings.  I highly recommend her for both yoga (joga) and massage therapy.