We are so pleased to have Heather join us at Joga Somatic Arts, offering a wide variety of energy work. She began her wellness journey, as many do, by trying to find answers to her own health issues. She moved from Client to Practitioner first with her certification as a Natural Health Practitioner, then continued to become licensed for Massage Therapy with State Medical Board of Ohio, certified for Reflexology, Applied Kinesiology, Health and Wellness Coaching for Families and is finishing up her Craniosacral Certification.
Her passion is helping people find the root cause of chronic pain and dysfunction with subtle, profound and holistic solutions. She likes to find out what her clients are comfortable with, without assuming what their bodies are capable of, while offering them choices as to how to address the issues they are focusing on and working together to find a more productive lifestyle. She has a special talent for empathizing with clients who are struggling and meeting them where they are as they begin their journey toward holistic vibrant health.
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