With much upheaval  and uncertainty around, we would like to make an official statement of our policies and commitments to giving you the best knowledge and care.

We are staying up to date and following recommendations from the State of Ohio Medical Board and our massage therapy and personal training associations, which currently do not show a need for cancelling our business as usual. As therapists we are very well practiced at washing hands and will continue, as always, to do so well, before and after all appointments. We will, as always, have a stock of wipes, tissues and paper towels to keep our spaces freshly cleaned and available to you to wipe down mats, faces or water bottles as desired or needed. We will continue to use our sterilized and freshly laundered soft linens that you love, and make sure everyone gets a fresh set for their appointment. We will also continue to clean door knobs, furniture, massage tables and equipment well and regularly, as we do not just during flu session or pandemics, but regularly in the course of business.

We also trust that you will not come to us while you are contagious or ill and will call us with any questions you have about whether you should cancel an appointment or not.

In the meantime, we will all do our best by remembering to nourish our bodies with sufficient nutrition, water and rest. We truly wish you all to be well.