We offer a wide variety of coaching, consulting and education to support and empower you. Our certified practitioners provide you with the knowledge and accountability to help you in your quest to feel better.

Cannabis Care Consulting can guide you through the world of medical cannabis, helping you to find the most effective, efficient, and economical way of using cannabis that will fit into your lifestyle and address your needs. Our Cannabis Care Consultants have extensive industry training in the various forms of cannabis, methods of administration, cannabinoid and terpene content of cannabis and their therapeutic effects, titration, and more. At your appointment, you will need to provide a copy of your recommending letter from a certified recommending doctor and/or your OMMCP patient registry card as well as a copy of your driver’s license or state identification card. The 90 day program of consulting includes in person appointments, the expertise of the Leaf Medic team working on your personal care and regular check ins for adjustments as needed for $80 per month.

Precision Nutrition and Wellness Coaching is offered as a 12 week program of personalized goals, with detailed plans of action for habit change and regular check ins to help hold you accountable. Your certified coach will help you focus on your lifestyle, movement and nutrition goals that will create sustainable changes to your quality of life and health. Although Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches have weight loss training and knowledge, at Joga we maintain a strict Health At Every Size approach to wellness, keeping our focus on your function and how good you feel, treating weight loss or gain as a potential symptom of change and nothing more. Each 12 week program is broken down automatic $80 monthly payments for your convenience.

Healthy Habits Club is a group health coaching program that runs a limited number of times per year. It includes Joga videos, weekly check ins, social media support and weekly giveaways to goals. This is a well rounded, affordable and sustainable lifestyle program of sleep, nutrition, exercise, social, emotional and mental health habits. Each session includes 8 weeks of goals and tasks for $30 each month. This is NOT a diet or flash fitness challenge. These are habits that will be healthy and sustainable for a lifetime, built up with support and accountability over time. Make sure to be on our email list to get notification of the next program opening!