Heather Wright
Licensed Medical Massage

Heather Wright has more than 10 years experience as a Medical Massage Therapist. Her unique approach to medical manual therapy provides clients with individualized treatments that address stress, discomfort, and pain. She incorporates a variety of skills and techniques to address musculoskeletal issues arising from injury and trauma. Her treatments range from Deep Tissue Muscle Specific, Trigger Point Therapy, and Acupressure Release, to Myofascial Unwinding and Chakra Balancing. Throughout her career Heather has worked to developed a massage style that is both relaxing and medically beneficial. Her passion is in the treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain, Compensatory Muscle Dysfunction, and Amputee Treatment. Her education and certification in the Occupational Therapy field is incorporated into her treatment plans with facilitated stretching and range of motion exercises designed to increase the effectiveness of the treatments. Heather uses her knowledge and understanding to empower her clients to be proactive in their own health.

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