Dr. Carolyn Anderson
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Dr. Carolyn Anderson was first attracted to the field of health when she learned the original philosophy of Chiropractic, which recognizes and acknowledges the body’s inherent ability to self-heal, self-renew and self-sustain. Carolyn’s own first hand experiences have evidenced this understanding, and her personal desire to know more continues to guide her through a life of learning.

Dr. Anderson began her professional life working within humanitarian health care programs stationed in Nepal. She went on to co-create a Chiropractic Based Holistic Health Practice where she continued to expand her understanding of the Mind-Body-Spirit Complex and how it is expressed in all aspects of our daily life. She furthered her post doctorate studies with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, evolved her own personal knowingness and field of work in Consciousness and continues to expand her levels of integration by living “la vida local” (aka: a crazy fun life that includes lots of world travel).

Today, Dr. Anderson enjoys practicing Chiropractic and Consciousness Based Mind-Body Medicine with an awesome group of uniquely specialized practitioners at a Somatic Arts Center in Ohio. She is also one of the lead contributors in the emerging fields of: The Applied Science of Consciousness, Psycho-Spiritual NeuroBiology, Quantum Assignment and Consciousness Based Wellness. She has extrapolated from her own personal process and draws relevance from her experiences as a physician to create tools and experientially based learning programs for the support and empowerment of “The New Sustainable Human”. She has formulated her own unique style of assisting, supporting and facilitating individuals as they go through their own personal process and offers her services through private practice, as well as various virtual and live educational formats. 

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