Audra Sparks
Cannabis Care Consulting

Audra Sparks, Medical Cannabis Director of Leaf Medic, began her career as a State Medical Board of Ohio Certified Licensed Massage Therapist. After a serious hand injury outside of work left her unable to continue as a massage therapist, Audra enrolled at Bowling Green State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. Inspired by her concern for the environment and sustainability, Audra earned a master’s degree in environmental law and policy at the Vermont Law School. She and her husband started a model of urban farming and maintain a two-acre garden and a home-based mushroom growing operation. Much of the food they produce is sold at a local farmer’s markets and to local restaurants who support farm-to-table, as well as donated to food banks. Audra also works with her husband as the Creative Consultant for Buzzwad Multimedia, a website design company, and she works as a substitute teacher in local public schools.

Audra is a chronic pain sufferer and began researching the therapeutic uses of cannabis when the rumblings of a medical cannabis program began in Ohio in 2015. Now that the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program has become a reality, Audra has done considerable research on the topic and has earned several certifications in the field. She holds a Patient Focused Certification Core Cannabis Training certificate, Patient Focused Care Verified Professional Curriculum certificate, Patient Focused Care Staff Training Program for Distribution Operations certificate, and the CCC Patient and Caregiver Education certificate from Americans for Safe Access. She is also certified by Cannabis Training University and has completed the Cannabis Clinicians Society’s Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum.

Audra brings her experience as a public speaker and researcher, and her love of teaching, along with her vast knowledge of the therapeutic uses of medical cannabis to Leaf Medic.

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